VirtualEyes is Finaly here!

VirtualEyes is a project designed to make the video game experience more immersive.

For fun or professional reasons, we wish to develop a system to evolve in a game other than by a keyboard and a mouse. Equipped with a virtual reality headset the user is "propelled" in the 3D environment.

We are using his body language and head movements to interact with the virtual world. Movements are simple and smooth, no hard time calibration, just do it! Perform real walk simulations using Virtual Reality Locomotion Platform by Wizdish.

We are working hard to make it work with existing video games such as Battlefield 3, Call Of Duty 3 and many more... We also want to present some of our own mini-games to show you how to use VirtualEyes and what you can do with it. We are using CryDev as 3D engine in order to create great looking video games for you !

twitterStay tuned: twitter.com/virtualeyes_

We are working on it !

The desktop application is not available yet for public download.
It will be soon for Windows environment.

Thank you for your patience.

twitterStay tuned: twitter.com/virtualeyes_

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