Tumbleweed is a 2D browser video game development tool. Separated in several independent modules it can be used for its features or in its entirely to create a full game.

Display, sound, events, interfaces, gamepad management are examples of base modules that can be used to create a game compatible with the major web browsers.

At the same time, a demo role-playing game will be developed in order to show all the features of these modules. This demo will help the team to understand all the problematic related to the development of a 2D game, and will be used to showcase the Framework to all the developers and players.

Beside the technical side, the project has a community goal and we put several platforms in order to help the developers who wish to try our solution. Our entire Framework is Open Source. You are free to use it.


A original puzzle game made with Tumbleweed JS

RPG Demo

A short RPG Demonstration with Tumbleweed JS

Tetris Remake

A Tetris like game using Tumbleweed JS

Easy Animation

How to animate a sprisheet with Tumbleweed JS