DataSplit is a new way to process data, by using the power of thousands phones we can be a lot faster than tradionnal processing.


By reducing the number of server necessary to process the data, you can reduce the cost of your data processing


DataSplit solution can be used by any sort of mobile application and is supported by every platform

A new way to process data

Datasplit is a processing data's solution designed for compagnies. Instead of using the power of server, the processing is done by using the power of thousand of smartphones. By placing DataSplit's solution into our partner's application, we can loan this power to our clients.

This processing technique can be achieved by separating the block of data that need to be processed. By separating the data into little pieces and placing it into an infinite number of smartphones you can obtain a powerful tool, a lot faster than traditionnal processing.

Finally, DataSplit is for our partners, a concret way to reduce the usage of publicity and it's revenue. By using DataSplit, they can offer a better experience to their customers without loosing the revenue they can make from it.


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Java Developper & Administrator system


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